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The Art of Code: An Analogy for Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Life is a complex system. Many of us fondly reminisce about our childhood, thinking of the carefree days spent playing and exploring. However, as adults, we realise the daily challenges of managing time, work, relationships, and many other aspects of our lives.

The experience of being a software developer is much like the journey of life itself. It involves facing challenges, winning battles, experiencing frustrations, discovering interesting topics, making mistakes, and much more. As a software developer, I've learned that life is a similar analogy to programming.

You will likely continue building better code when you write code that cares. It's your time and effort to tell a machine what you want. It's honest and should behave how you intend it to. In life, Honesty and integrity are essential traits that build trust and credibility.

As human beings, perfection is an illusion. Consider errors as an opportunity to learn and improve constantly. Don't fear making mistakes; it's part of our life. In code, Bugs or unexpected errors are the perfect scenarios to realise how complex could be the creation of new software. Since code written by humans is not ideal, we should learn new strategies to build better code in the next steps and reduce the number of bugs in our software. If you're incapable of thriving from bad decisions, you'll never be a better version of yourself or, in programming, never be a better developer.

How do you gain confidence performing a specific activity? Through repetition and repetition, practice is the key to finding flow and acquiring a solid skill. The same thing with code; all theory stuff: practices, principles, design patterns, and more is worthless if you don't apply them in code.

Developers are authors since we constantly read our code or code from others. But anyone can write code, find a machine, choose a programming language, and start coding. However, reading clean and expressive code is a pleasure; it's crystal clear and shines because it is well-written, simple but powerful, and self-explained. It's like reading a great book. In life, if we don't have a clear purpose and meaning, How will we find a way to write our own story?

It would be best if you had the commitment and hard work to reach your objectives in life; nobody will do the things for you. Focus on yourself and cultivate good habits to make your dreams come true. In code, be responsible with your code. Break down tasks into manageable pieces and work consistently towards the final goal. With patience and perseverance, you can overcome challenges and achieve success. Never give up.

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